Our new webmail service

About eircom Webmail

eircom Webmail now comes with 5GB storage. You can now personalise the look of your Webmail account, get RSS feeds into your inbox and much more.

Improved eircom webmail

  • 5GB of storage space
  • Webmail Home gives you a snapshot view of the inbox, calendar and tasks
  • Read all email (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc.) in one place
  • Get RSS feeds into your inbox

Intuitive Message Management and Search

  • Conversation View hides redundant messages that clutter up your inbox
  • Save favourite searches as "virtual" message folders
  • "Tagging" automatically highlights email from important people
  • You can view attachments (like Word or Acrobat files) immediately as HTML

Ultimate Address Book

  • Supports multiple Address Books
  • Easily share Address Books and contacts with peers
  • Auto complete from personal list
  • Create personal distribution lists

Shared calendaring

  • View multiple schedules as 'overlays' on your calendar, one click to toggle them on and off
  • Complete resource and group scheduling, with delegated access
  • Share and publish calendars with peers
  • Subscribe to remote calendars as iCal feeds


  • Users can choose their own webmail themes
  • Five different themes to choose from

Mobile Web Access

  • All devices with HTML capable browsers, including the Apple iPhone
  • Real time access to email, address book, and calendar
  • View shared content (folders, contacts, schedules)
  • eircom Webmail conversation views
  • Conduct advanced mailbox searches
  • View all folders, saved searches, flags and tags