Instant Messenger

Chat away with other eircom Webmail users.

The instant messaging (IM) feature lets you exchange messages in real time. When you type a message and hit send, the text displays immediately in the recipient's mailbox. You can use eircom Webmail IM to:

  • Create a list of contacts, also known as buddies
  • Interact with your buddies by setting up individual IM chats
  • Save your chat transcripts
  • Integrate IM messages with email
  • Set your desired IM preferences


    Using Emoticons in your IM

You can also use eircom emoticons in your IM chat. Click the arrow on the smiley button to open the emoticons menu.

Click the desired emoticon to add it to the text field. Type text to accompany the emoticon or simply hit Enter or Send. You'll then see it appear in the chat window.